1. Girl Like You (Jack Priest Edit)
    Soul Clap Records

  2. EFUNK06 - Detroit Vol.II
    Soul Clap Records

  3. Statale Adriatica
    Funk Rimini

  4. Pandemonium
    The Illustrious Blacks & Seven Davis Jr.

  5. DJ Rocca & Capofortuna Present: Roccapofortuna
    DJ Rocca

  6. Freaks of The Valley
    Charlie Soul Clap, Doc Martin

  7. 11th Anniversary Mix by Eli Soul Clap
    Soul Clap

  8. Soul Clap Records 11th Anniversary Remix Compilation
    Soul Clap Records

  9. Insides Outed

  10. Pain & Beauty (Feat. Sa'D Hourchild)

  11. Flashlights On Love
    Zeynep Erbay

  12. I Wonna Know / Rendez-Vous
    L.J Simon

  13. Reprise Reprise Tonight

  14. Meteor One
    Ilija Rudman Presents Meteor One

  15. Gator Boots Vol. 18 - Jacques Renault Edits (VINYL ONLY)
    Jacques Renault

  16. Lost Dog

  17. EFUNK04 - No Ordinary Love (VINYL ONLY)
    Hazmat LIVE

  18. Italo Funk Vol.2
    Various Artists

  19. Domine Libera Nos (Charlie Soul Clap Mixes)
    Charlie Soul Clap

  20. Escape The Toxic Train
    Zeynep Erbay

  21. Mensagem

  22. Goodie Bag (Remixed)
    Liam Mockridge

  23. Goodie Bag (Live)
    Liam Mockridge

  24. Michael The Lion x Amy Douglas Remixed
    Michael The Lion x Amy Douglas

  25. Melodj Mecca
    Stump Valley

  26. Goodie Bag
    Liam Mockridge


  28. Get It On (Tom Moulton 2020 Mix)
    Michael The Lion feat. Amy Douglas

  29. Only You (Remixes)
    Life on Planets

  30. Soul Clap Edits From The Vaults (2010-2020)
    Soul Clap

  31. Gator Boots Vol. 16 - Dazzle Drums Edits
    Dazzle Drums

  32. Jussa Come (Blasé Vanguard B-Mix)
    Soul Clap x Sha-Lor

  33. Burning Babylon
    Lele Sacchi

  34. Gator Boots Vol. 15 - Rotate 38 Edits
    Rotate 38

  35. Reprise Tonight

  36. Only You
    Life on Planets

  37. Jussa Come
    Soul Clap, Sha-Lor

  38. Michael The Lion x Amy Douglas (The John Morales Mixes)
    Michael The Lion x Amy Douglas

  39. Michael The Lion x Amy Douglas
    Michael The Lion, Amy Douglas

  40. Golden Butterflies
    The Fitness & Pony, Agata Jasper

  41. Charles & Tribulations Remixes
    Lonely C

  42. Gator Boots Vol. 13 - Blue Mondays Edits
    Blue Mondays

  43. House of EFUNK The Sound of 3019
    Soul Clap Records

  44. No Couture
    Ozgood & Sa'D "The Hourchild" Ali

  45. New Directions In Funk Vol. 5
    Social Lovers, Adam Chini

  46. Do What U Wanna Do (Edit)
    Michael The Lion

  47. We Push On
    Sol Power All-Stars

  48. Ready To Freak
    Soul Clap Feat. Kathy Brown

  49. Gator Boots Vol. 12 - Soul Clap Edits
    Soul Clap

  50. EFUNK02 - Detroit Vol. 1
    Soul Clap Records

  51. Just A Place (Remixes)
    Underground System

  52. EFUNK01 - Soul Clap
    Soul Clap

  53. Italo Funk
    Soul Clap Records

  54. Gator Boots Vol. 10

  55. Just A Place (Gerd Janson Remixes)
    Underground System, Gerd Janson

  56. Charles & Tribulations
    Lonely C

  57. Make America Dub Again
    Lonely C

  58. Ain't Worried (Feat. Kendra Foster)
    Lonely C

  59. Soul Clap Records Revue Tour
    Underground System, Midnight Magic

  60. Love 4 Life
    DJ Afro, Manchildblack

  61. Hold Up Ft. Kendra Foster
    Lonely C

  62. What Are You
    Underground System

  63. Give Me A Reason
    Midnight Magic

  64. Soul Clap Presents: Dancing On The Charles Vol. 5
    Soul Clap Records

  65. FSQ - The Remix Special

  66. Citlalmina EP

  67. Hard To Fall
    Ancient Deep

  68. Keep Funkin'
    Nona Hendryx

  69. Magic / Elliott
    Nick Monaco

  70. Michael The Lion
    Michael The Lion

  71. Chiwoniso - Gomo Remixes
    Soul Clap Records

  72. Soul Clap Presents: Dancing on the Charles, Vol. 4
    Soul Clap Records

  73. Egg

  74. Sex I'm An Addict
    The Fitness & Pony

  75. Three Oh Five Life
    Various Artists

  76. Tumbalá (Remixes)

  77. Free From Your Spell
    Midnight Magic

  78. I Gotta Feeling
    Midnight Magic

  79. Soul Clap
    Soul Clap

  80. Kindness of Bearer
    David Marston

  81. Soul Clap presents: Dancing On The Charles Vol. 3
    Soul Clap

  82. Old Streets
    Benoit & Sergio

  83. In Da Kar
    Funkadelic & Soul Clap

  84. This Time With You

  85. Tumbalá EP

  86. Mistral EP
    John Camp

  87. Mating Call Remixes (Pt. 2)
    Nick Monaco

  88. Mating Call Remixes (Pt. 1)
    Nick Monaco

  89. Misty
    Soul Clap

  90. Vicious Love
    Midnight Magic

  91. Mating Call
    Nick Monaco

  92. Night Flight
    Midnight Magic

  93. Jamaicalia
    David Marston

  94. Soul Clap presents: Dancing On The Charles Vol. 2
    Soul Clap

  95. Fraiche
    Lonely C & Baby Prince

  96. Zulu Congo Call

  97. The Stalker EP
    Nick Monaco

  98. Soul Clap presents: Dancing On The Charles Vol. 1
    Soul Clap

  99. The Last Dance EP
    Baby Prince & Navid Izadi

  100. Butterfly
    Nick Monaco

  101. E​FUNK: The Album
    Soul Clap


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